Acupuncture Testimonials

“Being the owner of a wellness center for 6 years, I've had the opportunity to work with many talented acupuncturists, and Paul Engelmann is among the best. He is highly attuned to the invisible cues of the body, and puts his sensitivity to work by crafting a unique acupuncture treatment every time. I've worked with Paul on a regular basis dealing with everything from stress and anxiety, to digestive upset, to muscular pain, and his sessions have helped bring me relief and healing in every case. No matter what's going on for me, I feel safe to expose the underbelly of my emotional life, never feeling judged, and instead always feeling supported and inspired to bring healing energy into my life. In my eyes Paul is a world-class practitioner, one I recommend enthusiastically and without hesitation.”
Jena la Flamme, Weight Loss Expert,

"I decided to try acupuncture for the first time when I was getting debilitating migraines almost every day of the week and none of my medications were helping. After just three sessions with Paul, my migraine frequency decreased dramatically to once every couple of weeks, and they are not nearly as severe! Paul took the time to listen to me and to really understand what was going on for me. He has a great energy and is clearly very skilled. I am so grateful for the ways in which he has helped me."
Mary M.

"Paul's acupuncture treatments are very thorough and results oriented. During the session, one of the things that I enjoy most is his calm and unrushed approach. Afterwards, I always feel an immediate and significant improvement in my health and well-being."
Heather Hannig, Spa Professional

"Paul used his acupuncture knowledge and skill to treat my digestion as well as the knotted and pained muscles in my shoulders and neck. I have tried massage, chiropractors, ergonomics, heat, and PT over a several year period. The results from one treatment included tension release in my abdomen and now, after about a week, the knotted center of my shoulder pain is released and the stiffness is much relieved. I feel that, after another treatment and some stretching, I will finally have this distracting, painful problem behind me for good!"
Maury Cotter, UW-Madison

"Paul was instrumental in my recovery from an emotionally and physically difficult operation. He took a holistic approach, never isolating the treatments to the area of physical trauma, but instead creating an environment of healing. Each time the treatment was different. We had specific issues we were addressing, but he modified his practice depending on both my physical state and mood. I am amazed by his attention to detail and ability to tune into the rhythms of my body. I highly recommend him, and when I move back to NYC, he will once again be an important part of my life."
Philip K.